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Advanced Vital - Cellular Night Elixir - 30ml/1oz

-A bi-phase, silky-soft, regenerating night essence
-Lipid phase contains precious oils to provide skin with comfort
-Hydric phase helps revitalize skin with active ingredients
-Powered by a firming active ingredient, the High Density Skin System (HDS) developed from soy protein
-Helps restore cell renewal mechanisms & activates the synthesis of structural elements of the dermis
-Enriched with Ceramide Complex, the key components of intercellular ground substance to regulate hydration & restore the skin barrier
-Infused with jojoba & macadamia oils to enrich the lipid phase
-Scented with a delicate fragrance to induce replenishing, restorative sleep
-Keeps skin smoother, denser, more elastic & nourished with renewed energy
-Ideal for tired, lipid-depleted skin
Product Line:Advanced Vital

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