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Nb-1 Ultime Restoration Nb-1 Anti-wrinkle Firming Creme - 20g/0.65oz

-"Symbol of National Quality"
-"Monde Selection Gold Award"
-- Contains activated ingredient to awaken the skin’s vitality and self-renewal repair mechanism, stimulate metabolism and renew aging skin tissue. Quick solution to aging problem
-- With the epochal anti-aging technology, “NATURAL BEAUTY (NB) Biochemical SCT technology,” it can revitalize the youthful energy, tighten the skin, and reproduce the youthful beauty of the skin as if it was just born
-- Improve wrinkles, aging and dull skin, prevent aging and tighten skin
-- Using innovative biotechnology to extract a variety of active extracts, reverse skin age from the base, slow down the speed of aging, make skin compact, meticulous, and be back to luster
-- Inhibit free radicals, accelerate collagen and elastin synthesis and slow down the speed of aging
-Main ingredients :
-NB-1 White Lupine Natural Active Compound Essence -- wakes and regulates the skin by activating it, and improves wrinkles and aging from the bottom to the epidermis; Make skin firmer, tender, smooth and elastic
-- Biochemical polysaccharide- enhance skin moisturizing ability and increase moisturizing effect
-- Mexican wild yam and soybean extract - rich in natural phytoestrogens, improves skin elasticity and moisture
-- Anti-wrinkle plant compound - the extracts mainly come from Madagascar potato vine and Bangladesh tiger grass plant --- prevent skin aging and wrinkles, moisturize and restore skin elasticity
-Suggested use of skin types:
-- Skin with wrinkles and sagging
-- Skin with dry, dull and without elasticity
-Suitable for:
-Those who want to deeply cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate
-After cleansing the skin and essence, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly to the face.
Product Line:NB-1

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