Solar Tinted Glow Flow Liquid Foundation Spf 50 - # 02 - 30ml/1oz

-A multi-use, protective liquid foundation for the summer
-Waterproof formula hides pores & dullness under a veil of clearness with comfort
-Lightweight, moisturising texture stays dry after long hours while resisting sweat & oil
-Provides a quick & smooth application for a beautiful, light finish
-Contains oil absorbing powder to keep skin colour looking healthy by preventing oiliness
-Infused with clear colour pearls for a clear finish as if the skin is glowing from the inside
-Shields skin from harmful rays with chemical-free SPF 50
-Can be used as a touch-up item, UV protector or base
-Delivers a neutral finish like well-conditioned bare skin with natural vitality
-Free of UV absorbers, parabens, synthetic perfumes, mineral oils & organic dyes
-Available in a range of shades for matching
Product Line:Solar Tinted Glow Flow Liquid Foundation SPF 50

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