About us

Before launching our site, we researched many other online stores and product categories. We felt really bad after what we noticed there...on their fan pages! There were many customers and fans like you who were sad, broken and complaining about the quality of products and the bad customer service provided by those stores. We were seeing the decreasing trust of people in the online market!

The products they were selling are really cool and attractive. But the profits at cost of what? A bad customer service? Because good customer service will mean some losses due to accepting refunds and exchanges?

We instantly finalized that leave all things aside. Our first motto will be the best customer service and best user experience and all of it with a personalized touch. We are humans, you are humans...we can feel too what you feel because we also go for shopping and so can understand your emotions and feelings.

We decided that we will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy at the end of the day no matter what it takes! We won't shy out or hide from customers due the fear of some minor losses!

You think yourself...what is more important being a human...grabbing money or making a good human to human relation?


If you agree with our thoughts, then you can show your support to us by buying your products from us because at the end of day, what matters more?...flowing money randomly or a Good & Trustworthy Relation?

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