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Intensive Multi-corrective Serum - Mandelic Acid 18% - 35ml/1.18oz

-Product introduction:
-Contains mandelic acid, gluconolactone and other multi-compound fruit acid ingredients, that help gently promote keratin renewal, inhibit sebum secretion, smooth skin, and refine pores. Blended with yeast extract, β-glucan, water-locking magnet and other ingredients, to moisturize and soothe skin, relieve dry itching and desquamation. Skin appears clear, translucent, radiant, whitened, flawless & delicate
-Main ingredients:
-Mandelic acid, gluconolactone and other multi-compound fruit acid ingredients
-Reduces acne, shrinks pores, erases dullness and restore skin's radiance
-Suitable for:
-Medium and oily skin, not recommended for those who are sensitive or allergic to acid
-Please use it after facial cleansing and lotion at night, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips, and enhance the consequent skin moisturizing and sun protection. It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week depending on skin condition
Product Line:Serum

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